Wireless Internet Service

NLBC offers wireless Internet service to the Indiana communities listed below. For pricing and package information, please call our office at 765-332-2885 or complete the service request form at the bottom of the page. 

• Boston
• Centerville
• Dublin

• Economy
• Farmland
• Fountain City
• Greens Fork
• Hagerstown
• Henry County

• Lewisville
• Lynn
• Millville
• Modoc
• Mount Summit
• New Castle
• New Lisbon
• Parker City

• Pershing
• Ridgeville
• Spiceland
• Straughn
• Union City
• Wayne County 

• Webster
• Westwood

• Williamsburg
• Winchester

Wireless Internet pricing

Plans Video Streams Speed (Dn x Up) Price / Month
Basic Plan 1-SD Stream up to 2 x 1.5 Mbps $38.00
Basic Plus Plan 2-SD or 1 HD up to 3 x 1.5 Mbps $50.00
Pro Plan 3-SD or 1 HD up to 5 x 3 Mbps* $65.00
Premier Plan 5-SD or 2 HD up to 10 x 5 Mbps* $90.00
Ultimate Plan 8-SD, 4-HD, 1-4K up to 20 x 5 Mbps* $145.00

$99.00 activiation fee

*Not available in all areas

Coverage area for Wireless Internet

A few notes regarding our wireless Internet coverage area map

  • An accurate service address is needed for the map to work. 
  • This map is only an estimate of our coverage area.
  • A line of site from your location to the nearest tower is needed for service. 
  • To determine if service is available, Please fill out the form below. We may also conduct a site survey at no cost to you.