CEO's Report – New Lisbon Telephone Company

February 2017

John E. Greene CEO and General Manager

CEO and General Manager

The Mineral Springs project is nearing completion with over 122 customers taking service on our newly placed fiber optics cable.  Over half are new customers and the remainder were wireless Internet customers.  The fiber cable will provide not only a more reliable service than either wireless or copper, but it also has nearly limitless bandwidth, allowing for Internet speeds up to 1 Gig, digital television, and telephone service.

Other areas that are completing are Hagerstown, Cambridge City, Dublin, Mooreland, Lewisville, and the US 40 and Hildabrand Road area west of Centerville.  The majority of the construction is complete, with only some splicing and drop placement yet to be done.  We should also be able to start providing telephone service in all these areas by the end of March.  If you wish to take our service, but want to keep your existing telephone number, we can “port” that number into our system, allowing you to retain your old number.  If you are on our fiber network and wish to move your telephone service, just call our business office for more details.

In our traditional telephone service area (Straughn, New Lisbon, and Millville), we have continued moving customers over to our new fiber-fed cabinets.  The only area remaining to be cut over is Straughn, and we hope to have that completed by the end of March. These new cabinets will allow us to provide customers with increased Internet speeds, as well as providing telephone service.  Also, in many cases, we can also provide our digital television service.  If you are tired of weather related outages on your satellite service or just want superior customer service, contact our business office and see if you can get our Digital TV.

The planned build in Economy has progressed slower than planned, but the engineering is complete and we have started construction.  Chad Niccum will be going door to door to provide all the area residents with service contracts.  The goal is to have all the contracts returned by mid-February.  At that time, assuming there are enough residents interested in our services, aerial construction will begin.  Service should be available by early April.  Services in Economy will include telephone, high speed Internet up to 25 Meg, and a scaled down Digital TV package.  Details on the Digital TV package will be available later in March.

On the wireless front, we will continue upgrading our wireless infrastructure, including new licensed back hauls, more fiber to our towers, and deployment of 3.65 GHz wireless access equipment.  The new 3.65 GHz equipment uses licensed spectrum, allowing us to offer higher speeds and also allowing us to reach customers that may not have a clear line of sight to the tower.  Additionally, we will be adding towers to areas that are considered strategic to our overall network plans.  The result of all this work will be a better, more reliable product for our existing customers, plus expanded service territory for new customers.

Work on our new warehouse and office facility in New Lisbon continues, with the grade work completed and the foundation poured.  The building should be erected by mid-February.  Once the shell is erected, we will complete the interior, regardless of what the weather is doing.  With the network growth we have planned for 2017 and our continued employee growth, the added space is badly needed.

In Randolph County, our network build is progressing rapidly.  We are completing a new colocation facility in the basement of the old county hospital, which will act as a main hub for all our services in Winchester.  The initial service area will cover most of downtown, as well as some of the area north of the High School.  This colocation facility will also provide leased space for customers to place servers and other equipment in an offsite location for redundancy and security.  We hope this facility will be ready for service by the end of March, so watch the local paper for an announcement on the ribbon cutting.

So, here’s hoping for a short winter and an early start to my favorite time of the year: construction season!s and better reliability; things that have not been possible with our current wireless network.

John E. Greene, Jr.
CEO and General Manager
New Lisbon Telephone Company and
New Lisbon Broadband and Communications, LLC