CEO's Report – New Lisbon Telephone Company

August 2017

John Greene CEO and General Manager

John Greene, CEO and General Manager

Well, as predicted, 2017 has been a booming year for New Lisbon Telephone Company. The fiber projects and cutovers are complete in the Mineral Springs/Hildebrand area, Mooreland, and Lewisville and are in progress in Dublin, Cambridge City, and Hagerstown. Economy cutovers will likely be complete by the time you read this as are the network builds in both Winchester and Lynn. Additionally, fiber projects have been started in New Castle, Cambridge City, and in our traditional ILEC territory. All this work has resulted in tremendous growth in our customer base, which stands at over 2700 including wireless.

Speaking of wireless, we are slowly adding more towers and upgrading our equipment to provide the best possible service for our customers. We have added equipment to the Dublin water tower, a new cellular tower between Winchester and Union City, and a grain elevator in south Delaware County. Also, completion of the Economy project will allow us to evaluate the pros and cons of Fiber-to-the-home using a wireless backhaul. We hope to use this same technology for an upcoming project at Indian Trail Lake and other areas where placing fiber backhaul is too costly or impractical. We are also planning on adding more 3.65 GHz equipment to existing towers to provide more bandwidth to customers and non-line-of-sight capabilities. Our colocation in Columbus, Ohio is now fully functional, meaning we have another path to the Internet backbone which will increase both our capacity and our reliability. The Winchester colocation facility, featured in my last newsletter, is also online, meaning that we are now ready to start marketing our services in that area.

Our new building in New Lisbon is nearing completion and will likely be occupied when you read this. The warehouse is complete and the second floor office space is set for completion in early August. Completion of the first floor office space will likely be later this year or early next year.

The news on the new Winchester building isn't as good, as the sale of our existing building fell apart due to zoning problems. Our plan is to restart the work on the new building in 2018 and move in later that year. The existing building on Greenville Avenue, which is too small to meet our long term needs in the area and needs major overhaul work, will be leased out or sold.

Finally, my thanks to all the staff for all their hard work on our network projects this year. I also want to thank all our loyal customers for being patient while we go through these growing pains. Growing a company is never easy and certainly not at the rate that we have seen for the past few years. But the end results will be a better, more reliable network, and more available services to every customer.

John E. Greene, Jr.
CEO and General Manager
New Lisbon Telephone Company and
New Lisbon Broadband and Communications, LLC